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Naruto shippuden The uchiha brothers

Unconditional Love
I was thinking that the Naruto's story is very emotional but when I see that part when sasuke kidnapped and how he killed Itachi if you also see that part you also know, How Itachi loves his brother I get emotional in next episode after killing itachi how itachi drug himself so sasuke can kill him. In sasuke's flashback how he say "forgive me sasuke" I got tears in my eyes well unfortunately I don't see the full anime(at the time of writing this post). So I don't know everything about it, It is emotional isn't it how itachi love his younger brother he need sasuke to kill him so sasuke can be the hero of knoha village and he left mangekyo sharing an for sasuke. Itachi joined akutsuki so he can protect knoha and sasuke Itachi killed the entire uchiha clan but the only one he can't kill was his brother sasuke.
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